Gratitude Project

Photo by Carl Attard

1. Gratitude: I intend to write down three things I am thankful for several times a week. If you would like to join me as an accountability partner, I would love to hear your three things so we can celebrate together. We can form a small community and walk this gratitude project together. The comments section has plenty of room!

2. Encouragement:  I intend to encourage someone several times a week. This can be either in the form of a handwritten letter or a text. This is an important piece because it helps me to focus outward, look for strengths in others, and move away from occasional self-pity parties.

3. Sabbath: I intend to set aside one day of the week to practice Sabbath. This  practice is  personally significant because I find it challenging to stop. My personal intention is to stay off the computer and take a day away from professional reading. This will set apart space to savor God’s good gifts.

4. Community: When I have a difficult day, feel down or struggle, I will call a close friend. I believe that God created community so that we do not have to walk this journey alone. A gratitude practice does not have anything to do with having to be happy all the time. On the days that are challenging it is important to reach out and connect with compassionate, loving friends and/or family. Dr. Brené Brown talks about the three Cs (courage, compassion, and connection) as core components of resilience. When we have the courage to share our struggles with others and are met with compassion, we experience healing and connection.

5 thoughts on “Gratitude Project”

  1. Absolutely awesome idea that would revolutionize our world, were we all to practice these simple and profound truths. thanks, Jen! appreciate you being the catalyst of these peace-giving, life-changing ideas! and i love the artwork!

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