Gratitude, Sabbath

Friends, Rest and Chocolate

I restarted my Sabbath practice today. It has been a couple of years (or more) since I have had a consistent practice. So I …

Dropped the kids off at their schools.

Hiked in this beautiful Houston weather.

Went to yoga class … outside!

Had lunch with a good friend at a Hobbit themed cafe.

Took a nap.

Baked another chocolate cake with a creme filling (Hostess cupcake style).

Had dear friends over for dinner and laughed a lot.

Practiced Qi Gong with my daughter before bed.

And in all things, when my mind would wander to work or worries, I would remind myself that today is a day to delight in the Lord. Today is a day to remember He loves me and is the giver of good gifts. Today is a day to remember to be thankful.

Three Things:

1. Grateful for my son’s hilarious sense of humor. He makes me smile.

2. Grateful for my daughter’s passion for everything. She does not do anything half way and I am proud of her every day.

3. Grateful for Hobbits. They love flowers, fireworks, dances, laughter and friendship. So much I can learn from Hobbits!

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