Walking Places

Memorial Park
  1. As I walked Memorial Park this morning, I thought about how much “walking places” mean to me. Anywhere I have lived has had a meaningful path. In West Texas it was a four mile hike in the middle of cotton fields. On that same well-worn road I sang Keith Green at the top of my lungs, struggled through a deep grief, held hands with my young preacher husband, and strolled with my first baby.  In East Texas I walked for eight years with my heart friend through our hilly tree covered neighborhood. We considered this time our necessary therapy as we watched our children in strollers, then on bikes and then later when it was just the two of us celebrating our journey together. Now, in Houston, I often find myself circling Memorial Park. I thank God for walking alongside as I witness Him in fellow walkers of every nationality, the beautiful old trees hanging branches for shade, and the sweet sound of birds mixed with traffic.
  2. Thankful for Lemonade. Tastes like summer when I was 8.
  3. Herbal tea. Today I just happen to be drinking camomile with Darth Vader. Smile.

What are you thankful for today?

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