Reminiscing and Painful Gratitude

  1. Thankful because my husband and I enjoyed a journey through memory lane today. We stopped by one of our very first homes, the married housing of ACU. We enjoyed sweet reminisces of laughter and card games with friends, painting the stairs white, surviving torrential cricket plague, and the very first motorcycle.

    Married Housing
  2. I am also thankful for a night many years ago when my dear sweet boyfriend (now husband) threw dirt clods at my dorm window and got the attention of myself and many of my fellow dorm mates. He proceeded to recite his hand written poetry to the oohs and aahs of many freshman and sophomore girls. An unforgettable, romantic, and delightful memory. This was the view from his perspective. (Imagine girls peeking out of all of these windows.)
  3. And, last of all I am thankful that God is never finished working on my heart. I saw someone tonight who brought back many painful memories. I immediately felt an ill-will and negative spirit rising within me. It happened so quickly that it took a few moments to come to awareness. I began to practice … and I mean intentionally work at gratitude.  I realized an abundance of beautiful things that have happened in my life as I have grown from those painful times. I wonder if God had a hand in putting this gratitude project on my heart so that I would be prepared for this very moment. I am brimming with thankfulness that I was able to experience joy even while being so close to something that has not fully healed. God is so very good.

What are you thankful for today?

4 thoughts on “Reminiscing and Painful Gratitude”

  1. I am truly thankful for you Jennifer, even if I haven’t been very communicative for awhile. You are an incredible woman and a good friend that I am very grateful for.

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