Discernment, First Kiss and My Egyptian Princess

1. I was humbled and delighted to spend the morning with these lovely people.

They were gracious listeners and participants in my class on discernment. I feel blessed every time I have the opportunity to speak, meet new people, and make a memory together.


2. First Kiss (from my boyfriend, now husband). We visited the ACU Library Atrium today, and it has not changed one bit since we spent so many hours studying within its walls. Even the furniture is the same. Seriously. Twenty years later, and it is… exactly… the… same. (By the way, I am so glad I got a picture before they remodel!) Anyway, Jeff and I were “studying” hard one night: He Greek flash cards; and me–I think– a sociology  text. I say “studying” because I was glancing at him much more than I was focusing on the words. And then, it just happened. At one of these tables to the right in this picture.

3. I have been thinking a lot today about someone very special to me (and many others). I call her my Egyptian princess. She is a beautiful woman in my church who is an encouragement to everyone she meets. She writes cards tirelessly, sews quilts, and bakes baklava that creates smiles in the hearts of the people she loves. She also spends much of her time volunteering as an “angel” for cancer patients. She has been ill lately and we all miss seeing her very much. I am especially grateful for the friend and encourager she is to my children. They know they are loved! Some time ago, she brought me these beautiful Ugandan beads because she knows of my love for Africa. I am thankful today for my sweet sister.

What are you thankful for today?

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