Eggs, Traffic, and Lorena’s Quilt

Thankful today for:
  1. Eggs. I scramble eggs almost every morning for my kids so they will feel energized for the school day. Eggs give the right texture and taste to cookies, cakes, batters, waffles, pancakes, pies, quiches, and french toast. They are also to be found in the most addictive breakfast tacos at a taqueria just around the corner (a temptation I have to pray myself past almost every day! I am not joking). 
  2. The drive to school with my son. This is the route we take every morning. It is a joy to have these few extra moments alone with him. The fact that he loves his school so make makes it especially worth the traffic. 
  3. Lorena’s quilt. This quilt was given to us while we were ministering in Munday, Texas. Lorena, a beautiful spirited elderly woman with inch thick glasses wanted us to have this. I remember her often when I look at it. I am amazed at the amount of patience behind each stitch. The material is cut from old dresses she wore in the 1940’s and 50’s. I think I remember the date of the quilt to be around 1956. Precious. Timeless. 

What are you thankful for today?

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