Beautiful Moment

  1. Thankful for a beautiful moment. I picked up my daughter from school today after a busy day of work. She piled into the car, eyes glowing with mischief as she began to tell me about her day. Her hair (wrapped in a bun) bobbed up and down as she chattered on… beautiful. Savor.

    Kelly Rae Roberts
  2. Turkey Pot Pie for dinner. Mmmmmm. Comfort food.
  3. The nice cool breeze (about 80 degrees) on my walk this evening. Love living in a port city.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Moment”

  1. Aspen leaves – fiery and fluttering in the breeze, bugling elk with their harems, the bungalows at Grand Lake – so Colorado

  2. I’m grateful for my dogs, (who always demonstrate/inspire unconditional love), my mom (and her spirit of ongoing forgiveness) and the link to the Kelly Rae Roberts website (inspiring in an exhilarating way.)

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