Chocolate, Gratitude

It is well with my soul

  1. Thankful today for humor. I ran across a song today that always makes me smile. Long ago in a place not so far away, I was a part of a five-part acappella singing group. We were good. I can say that because I was blessed to sing with some amazingly talented women. Beautiful voices, each with a unique sound that created a breath-taking blend. At least for me it did. I would get lost in the moment when I sang with these women (and their beautiful hearts to match). Anyway, one night we had a singing gig. We were singing for a community event and very excited to have the opportunity to sing for the public. I was especially exhilarated. As we sang our last song, the joy of the moment overwhelmed me. The spirit moved me. Unfortunately, for the other women, who were not so moved by the spirit, I went “Beyonce” on them, “It is well, it is we-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l-l, w-i-t-h, mmmmmmmm, my so-u-l-l-l-l-l-l-l.” Imagine a tight harmony with one voice going off on a journey all its own. Alas, it was not a very pretty moment. All I can say is my “Beyonce” days came to an end with the increasing redness of my cheeks. 
  2. Thankful for spaghetti squash. It makes a great, healthy replacement for spaghetti noodles. Love it when I can be healthy and still taste good.
  3. Chocolate. My personal dessert law is that if it is not chocolate I do not eat it. Sorry Lemon Bars, Key Lime Pie, and all that jazz. Although, apple pie is pretty hard to resist. Grateful for the sweet things in life.

2 thoughts on “It is well with my soul”

  1. LOL, Beyonce! 😉 and I *SO* get the chocolate law!
    Last night I walked my son back to bed after he had a nightmare, remembering the safety net of my own mom when I was a little girl. Today I have the *TIME* (a new blessing) to arrive early in the car-riders’ pick-up line, to get my son to gymnastics early enough to play first. I also had the *TIME* to stay and watch him practice.

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