Sleep, Kleenex, and Silver Linings

I am thankful for:

1. Sleep. I remember when my son was four months old. My husband and I wondered if we would ever get an entire night’s sleep again. Chronic lack of sleep affected my mood, and made it difficult to smile. I even remember thinking, “Will I ever smile again?” A little catastrophic, I know. But a day without sleep feels like a lifetime. If you are in this time of your life, I applaud your courage and endurance. Be kind to yourself. I promise it will get better, and be worth it in the long run. Now, I get my eight hours on a regular basis. It is such a gift. 

2. Kleenex. After unconsciously using two or three tissues this morning, I stopped myself and realized how thankful I am to have them in my home. I take so many little things for granted that I use every day. What a gift to have Kleenex … especially during allergy season!

3. That every day has a silver lining. After a weekend of calming rain, the suns rays are bursting out of the clouds. Do you see the silver lining around the edge? Storms pass and the blessings of the Lord burst through.

What are you thankful for?

1 thought on “Sleep, Kleenex, and Silver Linings”

  1. 1.Today I am thankful for a special family at church. They have three small children – five year old twins and a three year old. They are busy “about their Father’s business” wherever and whenever He takes them. 2. I am thankful for doctors and for medicine that is helping me through an infection. 3. I am thankful for hot coffee after a restless night’s sleep caused by said infection.

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