Husband, Shepherd’s Pie, Time Alone

Today I feel thankful for:

1. My husband. I know I have said this before, but he makes such a difference in my life. For all of our married life, I have had an aversion to mopping. For 18 years I continued to dread it and make myself do it. 2 years ago, it dawned on me that my husband might not feel the same way about mopping. Anyway, I asked if he would mind and mopping does not bother him at all. Today he mopped all the floors. What a huge blessing! Grateful.

2. Shepherd’s Pie. When I was in boarding school, this was my favorite dish on the cafeteria menu. I have been playing around with this dish for many years to get it to taste the way I remembered. This week I created a paleo version and the whole family seemed to actually like it. Bonus. It was nice to savor comfort food and be healthy at the same time. I will post a recipe after a few more tries. I would like to perfect this one!

3. Time alone. I had some wonderful time alone this afternoon where I was able to peacefully study and work. It felt good to focus without any distractions. Peace.

What are you thankful for today?

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