As the Hand in Front of the Mountain

“As the hand held before the eye conceals the greatest mountain, so the little earthly life hides from the glance the enormous lights and mysteries of which the earth is full, and he who can draw it away from before his eyes, as one draws away a hand, beholds the great shining of the inner worlds.” Rabbi Nachman of Beslov

Today is a beautiful day. I shared breakfast with my kids, talked to my sister in Germany, went to yoga, got some work done, and cheered my son in his cross country meet. Grateful!

Yesterday was just as beautiful, but the beauty was more challenging to see.

The allergy meds I take have some occasional side effects. I sometimes  feel irritable, sad, and fatigued. Even though I know in the back of my mind I am having a reaction, I struggle with dark feelings. “Am I a good enough mother? Wife? Friend? Therapist?” It can be a struggle to practice gratitude.

 “As the hand held before the eye conceals the greatest mountain…”

I experienced this feeling for less than a day, but it made me think of others who may struggle with feelings of sadness or depression. The beauty is all around, but as a hand can conceal a mountain, the sadness conceals the gifts of gratitude. I also know that the way out of the sadness is gentle love and support of others who walk alongside.

Grateful. Blessed. And, thankful that God meets me right where I am.

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