Interactive Gratefulness, Dishwasher, and “Fried-Not-Rice”

Today I am thankful:

1. Because I get to share what others are thankful for! It lights up my day to share others’ blessings via comments, blogs, and personal interactions.“There is this wave of gratefulness developing… a new way of being mindful. It is an interactive form of mindfulness. There is a hunger for mindfulness that expresses itself interactively! This gives me great hope.” Br. David Steindl-Rast (October 15th conference in Boston).

2. For my dishwasher. I have experienced seasons in my life with and without. It is a blessing to have this timesaving device at a time in my life where I find myself on the move constantly. Take kids to school, errands, work, church activities, yoga, go, go, go! Grateful!!!

3. For “Fried-Not-Rice.” My husband is now on a strict paleo diet. I am on a “Whatever-Fits-the-Occasion” diet. Dinner time seems a good time to experiment with some paleo recipes. This “Fried Not-Rice” recipe turned out awesome! The cauliflower makes a great substitute for the rice. It was really yummy, AND I nourished my family! Beautiful.

What are you thankful for today? (Interactive Gratefulness!)

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