Seedless Watermelon, Grocery Stores, and Walks

Today I am thankful for:

1. Seedless Watermelon. Mmmmm. It is almost November and I can still buy juicy, sweet, seedless watermelons. I kind of think of it as nature’s Gatorade. The sweet treat gave me just the lift I needed today.

2. Grocery Stores. When I lived in Kenya, quite a few years ago, there was often just one of whatever product you needed. If you wanted laundry detergent, you got Omo. If you needed shortening, your choice was Kimbo. And, if you needed bug spray, you bought a big can of “It.” I have to admit that when I first came back to the States I found the selections overwhelming. I actually became dizzy in the Campbell’s soup section. Now, I am just plain thankful that I can choose what I want for my family. I enjoy shopping at my neighborhood grocer. Grateful.

3. An afternoon walk with my husband. We had a few minutes to unwind and connect about our day. Savor!

What are you thankful for today?

1 thought on “Seedless Watermelon, Grocery Stores, and Walks”

  1. The grocery is indeed amazing these days. We will be able to buy grapes for my mother all year ’round. (They’ll come from countries like Chile!)
    1. Last night was Halloween. I got to trail four 10-, 11-, and 12-year olds around my neighborhood. (Smile.) Too bad it wasn’t foggy last night like it was this morning – that would have been spoooooky fun, too.
    2. I had my first visit with my spiritual director at Cenacle yesterday morning. …A blessing, definitely.
    3. I had a fun lunch out with my husband yesterday. It’s not that far for me to drive up there, so we’ve decided to keep it as a weekly event.

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