Gratitude, Main Dish

Intinction, Yummy Dinner, and Cards

Today I am thankful for:

1. Communion by intinction. I worship with the Bering Drive Church of Christ. Every Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper through the practice of intinction. It is so beautiful to watch children, moms, dads, young couples, and grandparents walk down the aisle together. I see so much love in faces of those who participate. I glimpse an older man patting the shoulder of a young boy as they walk together to break bread. I watch the youth group sharing time with their prayer partners. Beautiful. Loving. Generous. My heart delights.

2. Shrimp, mussels, and roast veggies. I tried out some new recipes tonight and made the yummiest dinner, according to my taste buds. The onions in the roast veggies were like candy… mmmmm good. It was delightful. Thank you God for the gift of delightful foods to savor. (These are not my pictures, by the way. They are the pics from the recipe sights.) Enjoy.

Roasted Vegetables

3. Playing cards with my son. He and I have grown into the habit of playing a few hands of cards in the evenings as a reward and homework break. It has been good for both of us to have some undivided attention and fun together. I especially like winning… he does, too!

What are you thankful for?