Give Thanks!

Today I am thankful for this Gratitude practice. In a recent conversation a friend noted, “This gratitude practice is really affecting you.” I can honestly say, I feel more joyful and recognize a moment of frustration as something that will pass. I love the word practice. If I find myself in “a mood” of negativity, I can start over. I can always begin again. There is no fail.

I also want to share the article I just wrote on… you guessed it…. Gratitude. Thanksgiving is coming up and its a great time to explore this practice.

That said, I am tremendously blessed hearing your joys and thanksgivings. I get to hear it in person, on Facebook, on friend’s gratitude blogs (yay Amy!), and in comments on this blog. Thank you for blessing my life as we share our joys with one another! Peace.

Oh, one more thing… the beautiful apple picture was taken by my lovely daughter. I want to be sure to give credit where credit it due.

What are you thankful for today?

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