Compassion, Gratitude


Today I am thankful for:

Creativity. For so much of my life I wondered if there was a right way to do life. If there was, what was I missing? Could someone tell me how to do life more correctly? If I could get it right, things would be perfect… right? Well… the more I live… the less I believe there is a right way to live life. I love this time in my life where I can let go of some assumptions and start creatively experimenting. My husband and I are playing with how to do parenting, marriage, friendship, and life.

We are experimenting with:

  • being compassionate with ourselves when we mess up.
  • laughing more.
  • attempting to simplify.
  • saying no.
  • saying yes.
  • having adventures.
  • resting.
  • being present.
  • breathing.
  • practicing gratitude every day.

The best part is I can continue to learn. Every day is a canvas to play on, try out some new skills, and live into life.

What are you thankful for today?

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