Today I am thankful for:

By: Pnina Evental
By: Pnina Evental

Kids. When my kids were young, we lived across the street from the elementary school. Our house was a revolving door of kids… bicycles in the front yard, spontaneous soccer games, mud pies, rolly pollies, and an abundance of rambunctious noise. My heart smiled as I whipped after-school snacks up for the herds. Beautiful memories.

Then, 2 ½ years ago, we moved. So many blessings… more than I can count… but no more noisy kids trampling through our home. Over the first year my kids made due with technology. One day my daughter creatively had a pizza picnic over Skype with a good friend in our old hometown. Those early months were challenging. I was saddened when my daughter confided in me that I was now her best friend. Not cool. I struggled to remember that my kids would grow stronger from this experience. One day soon, our house would swell. It takes time to grow a herd of friends.

I did not realize just how much I missed a house full of kids until this weekend. I felt wave of gratitude wash over as I quietly observed three sweaty adolescent boys entranced in a video game in our living room. Three 7th grade girls ran up and down our stairs creating all kinds of mischief as well as curious glances from the boys. I took up my position in the kitchen baking pepperoni rolls and chocolate chip cookies. My heart smiles. Grateful. Blessed.

What are you thankful for today?

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