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Today I am thankful for:

Birthdays. Somewhere along the years I got into my head the idea that it was up to other people (my husband or family) to make me feel special on my birthday. As a mother, it was important for me to make others feel celebrated on their special day. But, when my birthday came around, I did not treat myself in the same way. Maybe I could only be worthy if someone else thought I was. It seemed un-humble or something to make a big deal out of me.

Several years ago, someone helped change my perspective. She said to treat myself in the same way I want my children to be treated. Make an effort to model for them what I hope for them. My desire for my children is that they feel loved, valued, and important… And that they know they are a super good reason for a party! My friend told me she buys her favorite cake every year and throws a party inviting loved ones to join in the celebration. If someone else makes a cake for her, that means more fun for everyone. What a wonderful gift to herself and her children. Chocolate Popcorn

This year I felt overwhelmed with gratitude throughout the entire day. My husband festively decorated the house. My family sang. I had lovely conversations with my sisters in Germany and Texas. Then, went to yoga where my yoga instructor gave me a wonderful little gift that included chocolate. She led the class in a mat-bound yogini rendition of Happy Birthday and played Radiohead throughout the entire class because she knows its my favorite. I was pinching myself at this point (thankful, thankful, thankful) and it was only 10:00. The rest of the day was full of chocolate, joyful messages from friends and family, and more chocolate. We topped off the evening with my very own homemade chocolate cake and shared dinner with dear friends. As I am writing, I am overcome with gratitude at the simple gifts that make life so meaningful. The best gifts were moments shared with beautiful people in my life. Chocolate Bar

I just want everyone to know that each and every one of us is a good reason for a party. Time to celebrate!

What are you thankful for today?

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