Compassion, Gratitude

Youth Group, Friends, and Storm Clouds

Today I am thankful for:

1. Time with our youth group. We gathered together to prepare some of the food for our church Christmas dinner next Sunday. Essence of onion wafted through the air as we pureed. Many onion induced tears were shed along with laughter. Kids, moms, and dads measured, mashed, stirred, chopped, boiled, fried, and hustled all over the kitchen area. Everything is better together.  cartoon cooking

2. Friends. One of my very favorite artists is Kelly Rae Roberts. I am deeply grateful to a friend who gave me the Kelly Rae Robert’s calendar today. I may have gone a little over the top as I said, “this is my favorite, no wait, this is my favorite,” about each and every painting included in the calendar. It is even autographed by Kelly Rae. I acted a little silly, but feel deeply honored that she thought of me. Blessed.

Kelly Rae Roberts
Kelly Rae Roberts

3. Gratitude. I am deeply grateful for this practice. I had a moment earlier today where I said something that may have upset someone else (open mouth… insert foot). For a time afterwards, I found myself fretting over the possible implications. Then, it dawned on me, this is one instance in several years of lovely interactions. Everyone makes mistakes and has an off moment. Right? (I hope there is a resounding “yes” right now!!!) What was really fascinating was how difficult it was to see all of the beautiful positives because of one potential negative that swooped over like a dark storm cloud. I stepped back (in my mind) and started to go over the day again, remembering the onions and laughter, breakfast with my husband, going to the donut shop, music lessons with my kids, and a pile of laundry that is all put away. Gratitude practice teaches me to be more compassionate with myself. The dark clouds begin to lift.


What are you thankful for?

1 thought on “Youth Group, Friends, and Storm Clouds”

  1. Jennifer, your posts are so delightful to read! I know the Bering family is thrilled to have you as a part of them. I love your pictures! God bless you and your family!

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