Romance, Sabbath, and School Projects

Over the past few weeks I am thankful for:

1. Romance. My DSH (dear sweet husband) and I went on a delightful Valentines outing at our favorite scrumptious restaurant. We reminisced over the 22 years of adventure together and the blessing of sharing all these precious memories. Ups and downs, highs and lows, many lessons learned… a beautifully textured picture of a life lived in love.Valentines

2. Sabbath Meal. I was given the honor of teaching a class on Sabbath over the month of February. We discussed the rhythms of work and rest, the cyclical nature of time, and a call to delight. My favorite morning was when everyone brought breakfast treats and we paused to savor one another’s companionship over comfort food. Mmmmm… good food, good company. Sabbath Breakfast

3. School Projects. After a couple of trips to the store and one last minute trip to Hobby Lobby tonight, we are almost finished with the latest school project. I am thankful the opportunity support and affirm my kids. Both are becoming more and more independent so I savor these precious moments when they need mom (and nothing else will substitute).School Project

What are you thankful for today?

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