“Sense”ational Gratitude

Today I am thankful for our remarkable five senses. I often think about the beauty my senses allow me to experience, but only recently have I thought to be grateful about how they help protect from danger. What an incredible gift!

Site: the faces of my children, mountain stream , bubbles, tears, smiles, red ripe strawberries, a good book, and a worm in a cherry, an angry facemountain stream

Sound: Jeff’s Harley, kind words, bells, rock n’ roll, waterfalls, ocean waves, children giggling, birds singing, thunderstorms, “I love you,” and ambulance sirensocean joy

Taste: chocolate cake and ice cream, lemons, red ripe strawberries, brie, gumbo, salsa verde, truffles, mussels, mashed potatoes, juicy steak, and expired milkDark Chocolate Cake

Smell: Texas bluebonnets, chocolate chip cookies, grilled shrimp, freshly mown grass, new car, oranges, lavender, fresh ground coffee, and chlorine, natural gasbluebonnets

Touch: bubble bath, soft baby feet, gentle caress, walking barefoot in the sand, gentle breeze, cold snow, snuggly quilt, and hot burnersbaby feet

Texture: crunchy corn chips, smooth guacamole, velvety mouse, and biting into a crisp chilled appleApples

I would love to hear what you are thankful for today!

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