Good Days and Bad Days

Sunlight on Water

Today our firstborn son, Thompson would have been 16 years old. Today was the day he died of severe birth defects. This day, sixteen years ago, shaped everything about the person I am.

We mourn and we celebrate.

There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.” Lawrence Welk

I am grateful today:

  • to share this beautiful, imperfect, textured journey with my husband; almost 23 years of laughter and tears. He is my exploration partner in the adventure of life.
  • for the gift of a lively, teen filled home; Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, parkour, drums, facetime, IKR (I know right?)!
  • for the joy of beautiful friendships; chatting on the phone, sharing breakfast, long walks, and camping chair talks with my next door neighbor.

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