Practice, Practice, and more Practice

On Saturday morning I told my husband, “I want to go out for a nice family brunch and pick strawberries together… but, I’m stressed because I have all this stuff I need to get done: laundry, dishes, groceries, vacuuming, bathrooms, cooking, music lessons, etc. At the moment, it all feels like a burden.”

I walk out of the room and start sorting laundry. As I sort, a gentle thought enters my mind, “In ten years, we will not remember all of the errands I run today or whether or not I got it all done. But, we will remember the time we went to pick strawberries on a beautiful, sunny, Easter weekend together as a family.”

Then, I smiled. I can be pretty lousy at this gratitude stuff sometimes.

A Burden or a Gift

The moment with laundry helped me rearrange my perspective (at least for a day). Could all of the chores that often feel like a burden possibly be a gift? For instance, I have the physical ability to take care of the errands and the finances to meet the needs of my family. Wow! That is a reason to be thankful.

This stuff does not come naturally. I am grateful that I can practice over and over. Especially when I find myself ungrateful or complaining. Fortunately, after months of practice, it is starting to become a little more natural. I guess I will just have to keep practicing until I am 113.

Today I am grateful:

1. For the memory we made picking strawberries.


2. For the gorgeous strawberry pies I made from my grandmother’s recipe.

Grandma's Strawberry Pie

3. For the fun of making ninja Easter eggs for our Easter celebration.

Ninja Easter Eggs

4. That I did not get everything done, and we had a wonderful weekend together.

What are you thankful for today?

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