Letting go… Holding on

Kelly Rae Roberts
Kelly Rae Roberts

It is 4:30 in the morning. I wake up as my husband leaves to take our daughter to school for a field trip to San Antonio. My mind begins to make a list of “what ifs” and the worries wash over. Almost instantaneously, I feel my chest constrict, jaw harden, eyes tense, breath shorten, and my entire body tighten from head to toe. Yuck. My little girl is growing up and in that moment I realize I am holding on… grasping for control.

Then, in the next moment, I count my blessings. My body and mind soften as I slowly, gently, begin to let go…

I recite the precious moments my daughter and I have shared together this week and will continue to share:

1. A fabulous dress shopping experience. She has two dances coming up and we found two delightful dresses together. The time we shared together, as she twirled around, was priceless.Card Dresses 2 005

2. She and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with our favorite youth minister. We sat on the patio of a charming little Italian restaurant. The evening was filled with laughter, good food, and a gentle breeze.

3. The stories she will tell me when she comes home from her adventure in San Antonio. I am sure there will be much to share about the adventures of the bus ride and all of the cool places they will visit today.

As I count my blessings, I thank God for the gift of every moment we get to share with our precious daughter. She is a gift and I am grateful. I turn over on my pillow and fall fast asleep.

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