An Experiment in Gratitude

I realize it has been ages since I have posted on this blog. Instead of sitting in front of the computer, I have spent the summer experiencing gratitude with my family and friends.

But I have a reason for posting today, a simple reason: Someone shared this video with me and I just had to pass it along. I hope it adds a smile of to your day!


So, here is my summer gratitude list… so far. Much summer is still to come, and I am thankful (and will be thankful) for every moment!

Summer Gratitude List (so far):

  • An incredible mission trip to Honduras with precious friends at Mission Lazarus. We experienced the blessing of building a cinder-block home for a father and his five children. We also distributed food to a number of families that will feed them for two months. The experience was humbling, and I felt honored to have the privilege of being with these families, sharing gratitude together. 1012163_10151519450582843_1333913768_n
  • Time at the beach. Kids playing catch. Listening to the waves. Slowing down time together.
  • Traveling.
  • Hanging out by the pool.
  • Talking after dark.
  • Long walks.
  • Shopping and laughing with my teenage daughter.
  • Ice cream.
  • Girl’s night out.
  • Being a pirate at our children’s VBS.
  • Watching Mamma Mia two nights in a row with my sister and daughter.
  • A weekend motorcycle trip with my husband and precious friends.
  • My son drove for the first time ever today.

This summer is about savoring the simple things. Grateful!

I would love to hear what you are grateful for today. Please feel free to comment and share the love!

1 thought on “An Experiment in Gratitude”

  1. Hi Jennifer, i just discovered your Blog and have read several this morning. How wonderfully creative, beautiful, and inspiring are your thoughts on gratitude. I listened to Jeff’s TEDx talk as well. 🙂 Kim Fredrickson’s book led me into your Blog. God’s blessings on your family! Doris

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