Quiet Saturday with Friends

Houston Peace

Today I am thankful for:

1. Walking at Memorial Park with a friend. I found myself happily chatting away… forgetting the responsibilities and worries of the week. We have already planned our next walking outing, and I feel blessed!

Houston Solitude

2. I took my daughter and her best friend to a beautiful park this afternoon. Along the center of the park runs a babbling brook. The girls dangled their bare feet in the water and time drifted by unhurried while I read a good book. Peace.

Houston Joy

3. I spent the evening with my neighbor (and dear friend) watching our kids play in the front yard. We chatted the evening away and shared many joys and struggles of motherhood. Healing.

4. While I was off playing and enjoying friends, my husband spent the day riding motorcycles with his Gypsy brothers. We both are settling in after a day of renewal and fun. Grateful.


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