The Sun Will Rise

“The sun will rise. The sun will rise. Bringing life to the earth as it springs from the ground. The sun will rise. The sun will rise. Won’t you dry all your tears? Lay your burden down. Won’t you dry all your tears? Lay your burden down.” The Sun Will Rise, The Brilliance

At church today, our children performed this beautifully simple song in sign language. Beautiful moment. Precious children reminding me to lay the burdens… the ones I cling to so tightly… lay them down.

This afternoon, as I walked around my neighborhood, I noticed new blooms springing forth along my path. New blooms promising that spring is almost here. Spring. Fresh start… Begin anew… Lay your burdens down…

Budding tree

Oh, how I needed to remember.

Grateful today for the health of my children, their vibrance and laughter as they hang out with friends, intensity as they play soccer, and determination as they study diligently.

Grateful today for my husband of 22 years. Wow. How precious. To share this life with my dearest friend and love of my life.

Grateful for time with my church family this morning. The signing of our beautiful children. Our shared laughter. Holding space for each other’s joys and trials. It was so nourishing.

The sun will rise.


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