Work, Nap and Dinner

  1. I am realizing that Gratitude practice is not always easy, especially when expectations are not met. I had planned to set aside today as a Sabbath practice and refuel. But the little bit of work I needed to do ended up being a “not so little” chunk of work. Alas, I became frustrated as I saw time slip by. Plus, I still see a whole week’s worth of work in front of me. This is why I practice! In the midst of disappointment in such a small thing, if I can be thankful that I have work to do … a good work … something I love … then it balances my perspective. Gratitude helps me see a bigger picture that includes the lack and abundance that are both always present. I remember and thank God when I am tired.
  2. Thankful for a nap, which I managed to squeeze in between the work. I would still be a thankful person without naps… but a really grouchy, thankful person.
  3. Thankful for dinner plans with friends tonight. It is a joy to look forward to time with friends. It is like the icing on top of the end of a good day. Blessed.

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